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Herpes Dating Advice

Honesty is the best policy in herpes dating. When dating with herpes, disclose your condition to your partner as soon as the subject arises. Otherwise, you may feel awkward or even dishonest for keeping it a secret. Knowing in advance if the other person has the same condition is an advantage, and a herpes dating service like Prescription 4 Love can help you in the predetermination process. Once the subject has been broached, you can be at ease to expand your relationship to that of a rewarding friendship and/or romantic couple. There are others who have herpes dating concerns. Dating with herpes is a consideration many people have because nearly one in five adults has some form of herpes.

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You Are Not Alone When Dating with Herpes

Always remember to be yourself and not let dating with herpes detract from your personality. Be upbeat and fun, and you will attract others with similar positive qualities. Remember, you are not alone. An online website, such as Prescription 4 Love, is one of the best places for herpes personals and finding others who want to be honest too. Also, your physician may be able to suggest a support group of other people with the same condition. You are not the only one with herpes dating issues. Finding others that share your circumstances can lead to healthy and fulfilling relationships.
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